What is the caveman diet?

Scientific research concludes the most beneficial diet for man is one that has changed little over many thousands of years and consumed during our evolution. That said we won't be expecting you to go hunting quarry or foraging for berries in order to aquire the delicious nutrient filled offerings included in a Primal, Paleo or Caveman Diet. 

So evolutionary nutrition such as The Caveman Diet incorporates only those foods our bodies can recognise as food. The real foods that enabled us to evolve as a species as we're genetically adapted to process them fully and efficiently.  Sounds complex though far from it, this simply means eating real food (animals, fish and plants) that's been available to man since the dawn of time. 


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Why Choose a Paleo or Caveman Diet?

The answer to this is very simple, It is the only diet that has not been created, developed or fabricated by an individual, company, brand or marketing campaign in order to generate profit.

There is a great deal of validated evidence to show changing behaviour in line with evolutionary nutrition can generate huge benefits for health and wellness. Weight Loss is effortless and sustained, energy levels increase, mental awareness increases, you simply feel more alive!


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What to eat and not to eat on the paleo diet?


“We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.” ~Alfred E. Newman


A truly sustainable, healthy diet ought to consist of:



Notice carbohydrate intake is listed as low as zero, this is no mistake, it is the only non-essential macronutrient. This in complete contrast to what we’re told a healthy diet is, as all efforts seem to be concentrated on the removal of all fat from our food.

This is indeed a grave mistake with severe consequences for those concerned.


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Saturated fat and Cholesterol are bad right?

Wrong! Both are an absolutely essential nutritional requirement for a normal healthy body to function as it is designed.

Despite this the standard advice is to lower both as part of a so called 'healthy diet'?

Well we make no apologies for taking issue with this! You see there is in-fact not one single shred of evidence to support the global onslaught on cholesterol and saturated fat.

The over simplistic hypothesis that cholesterol increases the incidence of heart disease is being revisited. On the contrary cholesterol is a vital component of every cell membrane. Without it the body cannot make essential hormones like cortisol, oestrogen and testostrone.  In addition if cholesterol is too low the body may not be able to use the sun to make sufficient amounts of vitaim D. 

Even major scientific studies have failed to find sufficient evidence to support the conventional wisdom that reducing saturated fat intake reduces your risk of heart disease, and or cancer. Believe it or not there is also no evidence to show that the consumption of saturated fat is in any way linked to weight gain.

Thats right, fat does not = fat, Sugar does!

Interestingly and in complete contrast to what we're led to believe, saturated fats like butter, ghee, dripping etc. form a very useful role in our diet because they not only satisfy appetite and help stave off feelings of hunger, they are the corner stone of many biochemical functions, and...  

They taste good too!



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so Why no Sugar, sugar is natural right?

Sugar should always be consumed in moderation, this may not be what you wanted to read but it's the truth which as we know is not always easy to swallow. So why is sugar so bad?

Sugar is toxic, sugar is an anti-nutrient which means it depletes the bodies stores of vitamins and minerals, worse still it's addictive. When consumed sugar has a dramatic effect on hormone production and blood sugar levels, this is very bad. However nature has packaged its natural forms of sugar in fruits and berries, fortunately these also contain fibre which in contrast is difficult to digest.

This means that blood sugar levels are maintained at manageable levels when eating the occasional piece of fruit. Though eat more than one or two pieces or take in a more refined form by removing the fibre and you are asking for trouble.

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Snacks, what do I do when I get hungry between meals?

Sadly, but not surprisingly this is one of the greatest concerns of many folk. Its a sad fact that snacking has become such an integral part of what we do, it is now part and parcel of most peoples daily lives. Shame on you food manaufacturers!

Thankfully as your body adapts, urges and cravings you previously got to snack will subside as your body seeks alternative sources to carbohydrate for energy. Using this form of energy as fuel is a bad choice as it disrupts the bodies hormonal balance.

Remember FAT is our bodies preferred source of fuel. Listen to your body.

The best thing about using FAT as fuel? You dramatically reduce the need to re-fuel between stops. - No More Snacking!

Of course there are many reasons why you may want or need to eat something small instead of preparing a large or full meal. As long as you stick to the fundamentals the list is on limited by your imagination. 


Here's some examples:


Quantities = Eat as much as you like, remember your body recognises these foods and will tell you when you've had enough. Simple as that!


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What is the best exercise to burn fat?

The answer is to avoid cardio at all costs!  Unless you like it?  Truth be told some do and it can be fun on a crisp clear morning to head out for an exhilarating jog however you don't see many smiling do you?  The key to fat burn is intensity: high intensity interval training and it's fun too! Curious?


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so Why should I take it easy on fruit?

Well everyone and his dog is going to be somewhat flabbergasted to be told that fruit is not as healthy as we have been made to believe though this is precisely the case. What is so bad about fruit? Well fruit contains two forms of sugar, Glucose and Frutose. The latter is a particularly toxic form of sugar that has a significant negative impact on the bodies cells and greatly accelerates weight gain.

Unfortunately today's modern fruit have been cultivated for their sweetness, greater sweetness = more fructose.


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 Drop the low fat option

Forget willpower and learn how to satisfy hunger naturally.


ponder this:

"Nothing is more destabilising to the brain and nervous system than blood sugar surges. Nothing is more stabilising to the brain than natural dietary fat" - Nora Gedgaudas C.N.S., C.N.T. & N.A.N.P.



hope for all:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has". - Margaret Mead M.A. & Ph.D.



how come:

The current fashion of reducing fat and calories and frequent use of low calorie processed foods have been associated with a paradoxical increase in the prevalence of obesity.




 Paleo Butternut Squash & Bacon

Eat as much as you want of foods like this without any concerns whatsoever.



alzheimers & Sugar:

You simply must keep Fructose levels under 25g/day. Above this Fructose creates a toxic environment within the brain. Amazingly the average UK resident is exceeding this by some 300%.

Maintaining levels below 25g or 1oz per day is the single most important step you can take towards avoiding this debilitating disease.




Red Wine is one of several drinks choices though as with any alcohol, moderation is advised as it may have aimpact on more than just weight loss goals.









Kate's Promise:

There is no doubt that Paleo Works...hence the name. Though what sets us apart from the rest. This isn't 'dieting', it's a lifestyle change to nutrient dense foods. You effortless weight loss until the point you achieve your natural weight, following this sustaining your weight, energy levels and feeling of well being is guaranteed though entirely dependent on what you eat.


My Guarantee requires adherence to guidelines given as part of our nutrition program, a move away from recommended foods or revert back to previous habits will have a negative impact on weight loss and health.