"Reduced fat and calorie intake and frequent use of low calorie food products have been associated with a paradoxial increase in the prevalence of obesity" - Drs Heini & Weinsier.



benefits of a real food diet:




And the best news?

A real food diet is entirely sustainable without restriction or lack. After the excess fat has gone, maintain your body weight without hunger.

You will find that you no longer want crave high carbohydrate foods, you no longer want to eat the unnatural processed foods that were once a staple of your diet.


Who needs sugar when you can replace this with good saturated fat?  The desire for sugar has finally gone.


Optimal health is our natural state.  Optimal health is not drug-induced or given to us by pharmaceutical giants and the food industry. It is part of the human condition.


By eating natural real food every one of us has the opportunity to enjoy good health and longevity. Declining health is not a pre-requisite of ageing!

In summary, this is about finding your natural weight through eating a natural real food diet.







Paleo Works is a non-profit organisation committed to supporting the community by providing affordable, unbiased, factual nutrition education and support in the fight against obesity and related disease. Paleo Works nutrition mentors are not (or have any desire to be) 'qualified dieticians' and operate totally independant of any government bodies/agencies.

want results that truly last a lifetime?

want simple, easy to prepare, nutrient dense food?

want health & well being without medical intervention?

What Folk Say...

"Interestingly I believe that the fundamental changes that have taken place are all down to my switch to paleo.  The focus I have placed on my sleeping patterns food quality, rest, ability and general well being have all led me to realise that I am worth far more than what I previously believed.  I don’t regret a thing.  I’m in better shape in every aspect of my life". - Kate.

"I went primal almost a year ago.  First it was about food and exercise but then at month six it turned into a lifestyle like putting on a pair of really cool glasses that show you how you can be your best.  Suddenly it was like every decision I made was based on what was going to make me feel better and not just better but fantastic". - Rob.


"It's Becoming increasingly evident that alzheimers may just be diabetes of the brain..all the more reason to limit dietary sugar" (carbohydrates). - Daniele.


"Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers who ate a lot of meat and fish. They had a completely different diet from ours today, and if we were still eating that diet, I’m certain we wouldn’t be getting as ill" - Ray Mears


"Just wanted you to know that your website was a perfect find for me today as I was definitely having a "Why me, why me, it's not fair!" kind of day. I've only been following a Paleo style lifestyle for about 3 weeks now (had a diganosis of diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, and thyroid issues  - my eyes were blurring, always exhausted, aches, pains, and I'm only 34 - pretty much I either had to 'change or die') and am already seeing the changes {no more migraines...fan-freakin-tastic!} I still fall into the "argh, this stinks, give up, nothing working, I need a cupcake and an iced-coffee mode though, so I am so happy to have found your site -you've got a lot of great stuff on here!" 

"Thank you for the motivation, information and inspiration!"  

{much love} - Mel.


Message from the founders:


"The overweight and obese provide an easy, ready and sustainable market for 'food' makers to tap into and exploit with expensive, nutrient devoid, highly processed 'slimming foods' and packaged 'diet' products.

We want something different for you!"

Kate and Michael Oliver 

Founders - Paleo Works Ltd