(Evolutionary Nutrition)


Paleo, Paleolithic, Caveman, Stone-Age...effectively all one of the same. Paleo foods mimic what man was eating during the Palaeolithic era (a period lasting 2.5 million years preceeding the Neolithic-Age or agricultural revolution).

Don't worry that's the history lesson over and it's relatively simple from here on in.

Strangely the Paleolithic era was a period in time before Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hypothydroidism etc.. and all other modern day diseases linked to diet.

Interstingly we now know such diseases are directly linked to key events which began some 10,000 years ago.

So fast forward the Industrial Revolution and food production on an industrial scale... We believed it to be remarkable...right? However in reality it was perhaps the biggest mistake to date regarding the food & nutrition we need!


How about step back in time and embracing a simpler way of eating...


Well our bodies aren't designed to operate on industrial foods created by modern machinery used by the food processing industry. Because these foods can't be recognised or processed in the usual manner, our bodies simply park it up, meaning it's stored as fat.

Worse still...manufactured food creates inflammation in the body, this triggers genetic mutations leading to what we know as diseases of the modern civilization.

Cancer, heart disease and metabolic syndrome are just a few. These man made foods have severe impacts at a hormonal level, resulting in chemical imbalance and leading to weight gain, obesity and diabetes amongst others.


Every suppermarket has one...we refer to it as
'The Aisle of Death'


Whether we were misled or simply lost our way...

It's a matter of getting real again! What do we mean by real?

quite simply…animal, vegetable, mineral




By learning from the diet of our ancestors who were fit, virile, strong and healthy, that's how!

It's not rocket science, or hard, and makes complete sense, the evidence is all damning.


A typical high street...contrary to what we're informed this is not a result of overeating, inactivity or mental disorder...


obesity is the result of biochemical imbalance due to Sugar's a fact!


Does this involve hunting and gathering in loin clothes for food?

Well no…though, it does call on you to become more focused the stuff you put in your mouth

By understanding the reasons why we really get fat and the consequences of eating processed foods will empower you to live a life free of the burden of extra weight and threat of disease. The plus is you'll also feel great.


Bottom Line:

Make no mistake, eating habits will need to change (not by counting calories, reducing fat, measuring and weighing food, or by eating reduced portions...whose got time for that?).

We simply need to change the type of food we eat.

Ask yourself! What food can I eat on a real food paleo diet?

Meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, vegetables, fats and oils, nuts and fruit.

food for omnivores...mmm 

So in short, Paleo means eating a diet akin to that our hunter-gatherer ancestors consumed prior to the agricultural revolution.


That's Real Foods with Real Benefits!



What about whole grains – they’re healthy right?

No, no, no!... that's plain wrong!

Grains irritate the gut especially those containing gluten (wheat, barley, rye). When the gut is irritated we are unable to digest our food which causes pockets of inflammation in our bodies. And inflammation is the trigger for a whole host of health problems including:



Quite a list isn't it? Sadly it doesn't end there...

Grains are a common ingredient in most processed food. But processed food interferes with our basic hormone levels and our hormones control all the important stuff in our bodies including triggers for weight gain, overeating, hunger, and feeling full. It really is all about the insulin! 

Don't Worry!

There's a simple natural lasting solution that's available to us all, you simply need to choose a different path.


When you're ready...just give us a call.


Want to dig a little deeper?  

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 How about digesting all that while browsing some delicious recipes ?Paleo-tenderloin-beef


Paleo Works Ltd are a non-profit company supporting the community by providing affordable unbiased nutritional education and support in the fight against obesity and health related matters. We are not 'dieticians' and operate totally independant of any government agencies.                                        

Want the truth about why we get fat?

looking to lose weight, feel great?

'fed up'? tired? excess fat getting you down?

heard about real food paleo style diets? 


Simply adopt a commitment to change, the rest is easy and down to you.


Forget everything you thought you knew about weight loss and dieting. 


Roller Coasters of emotional eating are a thing of the past!


We signpost you to the real foods you need to burn off your fat stores, stabilise your blood sugar, elevate your energy levels and get on with your life!


Whatever dietary changes you are ready to make, we're here to support you throughout.



Be Empowered...for Life!

paleo works

It maybe just the thing you need to get started...



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Interesting fact:

Did you know that man is the planet’s only chronically sick animal?

It's true, other than seasonal fluctutions, no other species becomes obese or even overweight. There is one key exception...the creatures we care for! 


Why Is this so?



and another:

Did you know exercise is a fitness tool and not to be confused with weight loss?

True it increases strength and stamina and cardivascular systems, it may even be an enjoyable social activity for some (though vigorous play is much more fun).

However, as a means of losing excess fat... It's like flogging a dead horse!



get this!

'The idea that saturated fats cause heart disease is completely wrong, but the statement has been "published" so many times over the last three or more decades that it is very difficult to convince people otherwise unless they are willing to take the time to read and learn what...produced the anti-saturated fat agenda'.         Dr Mary Enig



wise words:


"All disease is born in the gut" 

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


thomas edison:

"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs,

but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition."


It seems clever old Hippocrates was spot on.

Sadly Edison though equally right didn't count on the persuasive power of the food and pharmaceutical industries. 


Though fear not, the tide of change is now upon us...




Basically I've been following your Paleo Diet for the last few months & I'm just amazed at the change. I've always worked out a lot but between following CrossFit WOD's & eating Paleo, though recently I've noticed a huge improvement. 

I've managed to lose 4lbs, and tone up a lot. Being fairly slim anyway losing weight isn't my main priority, I really want to lower my body fat % & keep toning my body & getting stronger.

Paleo is so easy to stick to, the diet makes so much sense & I can really notice the difference in my complexion also.

Your blog is awesome, love the video tutorials.